Rui Ribeiro Studio is dedicated to building lasting relationships with artisans, craftspeople, makers’ workshops, and manufacturers within the international community.
We also collaborate with international luxury brands and manufacturers to produce special editions of furniture, lighting, and accessories. We will develop a design strategy for an entire collection or help to uncover further potential that can be amplified utilising existing manufacturing techniques.
Each project is approached holistically and collaboratively with the same dedication and attention to detail from concept to completion and shaped by responding creatively to the specific needs of individual clients and contexts. 
We invite you to join us to creatively respond to a new type of client for whom Art and Design have become an integral part of their international lifestyle and living space.

I am delighted to present our first collaboration with Portuguese artisans and ceramicists using traditional centuries old techniques which celebrates the cultural identity and unique crafts of the Portuguese people.

The first collaboration generated a collection of limited edition and unique ceramic objects with a contemporary language using the traditional Portuguese medium and technique called ‘Barro Negro’. Named the Black Clay collection, and realised by the Portuguese ceramicists Xana and Lima, the textures and forms are as unique and rare as the virtually forgotten ancient technique.

The second, with ceramicists Ana and Carlos, evolved into a collection of unique ceramic objects designed by me and made by hand using an ancient technique of modelling a mixture of local clays with both thin and thick chamotte clay. Each piece is simultaneously imperfect, elegant and sophisticated. It is the shimmering effect of the metal oxide glazes that inspired the name of this collection – Bronze.

In the third collaboration – Bronze II, I challenged the Portuguese ceramicist Miguel to make also by hand a series of oversize decorative plates and bowls based on his smaller scale ‘oeuvre’.

Please contact the Willer Gallery for details regarding each individual piece